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LAwas = the Body

HUna-Huna = Mind & Spirit

KAsing-Kasing = the Heart

LAHUKA should is not only be understood as a complete martial art system, it is also meant as concepts and methods of teaching the development of one ́s own instinctive skills and movements for self-defense. The teachings emphasize on the adaption of proper body mechanics, and the comprehensive understanding of the techniques being performed. Jovelyn Miñoza developed her style called LAHUKA on the basis of the teachings from the Eskrima systems of her mentors Grandmaster Jose Borces (ESKRIDO) and Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio Cañete (Doce Pares). Grandmaster Nick Elizar (Balintawak - World Nickelstick) and Grandmaster Pableo Percival (Doce Pares) also played their part in contributing techniques for the further refinement of LAHUKA. Later Jovelyn added other skills which she had learned from various system and other fighting arts like Silat, kickboxing, Muay thai and krabi krabong under instructions of Ralf Kussler, a german citizen who specialized the said art.

SAYAW - is a Cebuano word directly translated into English, meaning “Dance”. There are two kinds of Sayaw 1. Sayaw nga Naadnan - is a series of movements containing the 5 key factors:

- Rhythm

- Timing

- Speed - Balance

- Power

2. Sayaw nga Hinay - which is called “Slow motion”. Especially emphasizes the development of proper body mechanics and coordination

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